Guarantee and Legal Disclaimers

Our Guarantee:

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. For home growers, we provide extra seeds in our packets to ensure you get 4 good plants, the limit allowed by law. If your packet produces fewer than 4 good plants, please return it to the retailer with proof of purchase and we will replace it. Our seeds are guaranteed for one year from purchase.

Limitation of remedy:

By purchasing these seeds, you acknowledge that the liability of New Breed Seed, LLC for any loss or damage resulting from the purchase is strictly limited to the cost of replacement. New Breed Seed shall not be held liable for any other loss or damage resulting from the purchase or use of the seeds, including those resulting from negligence or strict liability in tort. 

Compliance with state and federal law:

Our seeds are only available for sale to Oregon-licensed cannabis producers, wholesalers, processors and retailers. We will not knowingly violate any rules or laws in the regulated cannabis trade. We do not engage in interstate commerce.

Limitation of liability:

By purchasing the seeds, you acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to comply with all state and federal rule and law in regards to the possession and use of cannabis seeds, and will not hold New Breed Seed, LLC liable for the consequences of the possession, transportation, or cultivation of cannabis seeds.