Looking forward to 2016

Here at NBS we are anxiously awaiting approval of building permits from our city, and the beginning of the licensing process with the OLCC. We hope that early in the new year we will be able to make rapid progress on our greenhouse construction project and get growing as soon as possible.

While not all local jurisdictions are looking on cannabis businesses as favorably as ours, our experience so far with the city of Cottage Grove has been trouble free and congenial. For citizens of counties and cities that  have placed bans on 'recreational' cannabis, at least many of you will have the opportunity to vote again. Folks in Washington were not so lucky. 

The OLCC so far has been proving itself to be more flexible than the WSLCB was in Washington. As part of the licensing process they have stated that they will make allowances for e.g. security systems that cannot meet the letter of the rules, but meet the intent. 

I am convinced, having talked to growers and dispensaries, and witnessed the OLCC rule formation process, that Oregon will have the most sensible, innovative and productive cannabis economy in the USA. We are looking forward to being a part of it. Happy New Year!